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The HM Vision Developer has been a huge asset to the Holdem Manager team.  This developer brings loads of development experience to the table allowing us to enjoy creative solutions across the board.


A.         HM Vision Developer


How long have you worked for Holdem Manager?

A.       I started HM Vision and Holdem Manager liked what they saw.  We put HM Vision into HM and about a year later I started working for them part time.  Short Answer: A little over 2 years.


What specific part of Holdem Manager do you work on?

A.       I’m all over the place like most of us.  I tend to manage all of the development tasks due to my experience in software development.   


Anything interesting about your past work experience?

A.       I’ve worked at software development companies big and small.  Poker was a passion of mine so I started the side project which eventually became Holdem Vision. 


Have you done any poker side projects in the past?

A.           See Above


Holdem Vision, is it coming for HM2?

A.    Yes.  We just launched HM2 and once final development is completed we’re going to add HM Vision to HM2.  Best of all, it will be free for everyone.


What is your favorite variation of poker?

A.       NL Holdem got me hooked. 


How often do you play every week?

A.     Like most of us, all of our time is spent working on HM and we don’t have much time to play recreationally.     


Can you share anything that might help a developer get hired for their dream job?  (Poker or not)

A.       Passion, dedication, production.  If you have that, you can do anything you put your mind to. 




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