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Jan 27, 2016 2 Comments

Over the past year, the Hold'em Manager and PokerSnowie teams have been working together to integrate PokerSnowie artificial intelligence (“AI”) into HM2.   Today we are proud to introduce SnowieApp for HM2!  To start your FREE TRIAL, update your HM2 and click on the "SnowieApp" tab inside.

Some of you may be asking "what is SnowieApp for HM2?

  • SnowieApp for HM2 IS a NL Hold'em teaching tool that utilizes the PokerSnowie AI.   The PokerSnowie AI was developed by the same experts that also created "Backgammon Snowie" (widely regarded as the best AI ever created for the game).  
  • SnowieApp for HM2 IS in compliance with the terms of service of all online poker sites. This is because feedback is on completed hands stored in your HM2 hand database. SnowieApp for HM2 IS NOT accessible during live play.  
  • The PokerSnowie AI used in SnowieApp for HM2 DOES NOT play perfect NL Hold'em. To be clear, poker is an extremely complex game to solve.  A perfect strategy for NL Hold'em ring games might not be achieved in our lifetimes.   Having said that, I caution you against being dismissive of the potential that SnowieApp for HM2 holds to help you improve your game and identify patterns of mistakes.  Many of the world's best online poker players have been using PokerSnowie for a reason.

The AI used in SnowieApp for HM2 was developed for heads-up games to full ring games (10 players) and for play from short stacks up to 400 big blinds.   

Without getting into too much "geek speak", the PokerSnowie AI was developed utilizing artificial neural networks. In simplest terms, elements of the way neurons in our brain work and learning takes place were converted into mathematical formulas. 

The AI has played trillions of hands against itself (and adapting versions of itself) while "LEARNING"  and "ADAPTING" from its successes and failures.   When SnowieApp tells you that you should have folded rather than call in a particular hand on the river or that you have a pattern of betting weak hands too often on the turn, it is essentially sharing with you that, over the course of trillions of hands, it has "learned and adapted" from similar mistakes it made in that situation. 

The feedback and advice is not based on specific knowledge that you might have about an opponent based on your playing history with them.  Playing decisions should always factor in such information when available. The strategy developed by PokerSnowie emphasizes a balanced approach to your game which minimizes opportunities that your opponents have to exploit your play.

The AI trained against a "typical" range of playing styles and lines in particular situations. Therefore, the advice and feedback that you receive from SnowieApp is not as strong when an opponent plays a hand in an extremely "fishy" manner that it can be reasonably assumed the AI has not routinely seen.  This is something to always keep in mind when reviewing the feedback.

Matthew Janda (CardRunners instructor and author of "Applications of No-Limit Hold'em") has released a 3-part video series on SnowieApp for HM2.  I urge you to watch it.  The series provides an outstanding overview of the tools and feedback from SnowieApp for HM2 and great suggestions on how to most effectively interpret the feedback to help you improve your game.   

While integrating the PokerSnowie AI into SnowieApp for HM2, we had the "average" poker player in mind.  Our goal was to offer our customers an advanced and robust teaching tool that is easily accessible from within HM2 with feedback presented in a visually clear and intuitive manner.  

We believe that you will find SnowieApp for HM2 will be the 2nd best investment you ever made to improve your poker results (behind HM2 of course).

Start your FREE TRIAL of SnowieApp for HM2 today.  

Good luck at the tables!

Jim Varnon

p.s.  See this FAQ for answers to more of your questions about SnowieApp for HM2.


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