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Greetings poker players!  .06c was released today.  Lots of bug fixes and we also changed the version of PostgreSQL shipping with Holdem Manager.  There was a pesky bug on some machines where the password creation wouldn't work.  We're fairly confident 99.9% of all PostgreSQL install problems are resolved now.  Good news is it was a bug on the PostgreSQL side so all we had to do was swap the PostgreSQL version in the installer. 

No word yet on if, or when PostgreSQL 9.0 will ship with the installer.  PostgreSQL is 3rd party database software.  You know the saying, "If it's not broke, don't fix it?"  That's kind of where we're at with shipping PostgreSQL 9.0 with our official builds.  Good news is 9.0 does work with HM so you are more than welcome to install it.  But I defer to the, "If it's not broke, don't fix it" line.

Insider news.  I briefly spoke about TN supporting another site and that's still in progress.  Once I have more info I'll share it here.  You might have seen a thread in the stat suggestion thread on the HM forums talking about stats.  A major stat overhaul is in process and should be released with the next build of HM.  If I had to bet on a date, I'd pick sooner rather than later.  Expect it next week or the following week.

That's it for now.  Stay tuned because I always give out insider HM info on the blog that you will find nowhere else.    


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