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Major Hold'em Manager Update

Our meeting in Vegas charged everyone up and we have a blockbuster release.  Tourney guys get the first glimpse of their new Effective Stack Size HUD feature; a new skin designer has been added to options; our dropdown menus are getting a makeover and there’s a survey where you can get $5 off anything in the HM App Store!!!

This is only the beginning!!!  Big things are planned and we welcome you to take the survey and follow us on Twitter or Facebook.   

Update Holdem Manager

Download Holdem Manager for the first time.


Build Revisions:


  • Added Effective Stack Tourney Filters (Beta)
  • Holdem Vision Tourney Updates
  • Fixed crash when calling HM classes and invoking replayer
  • Fixed message when importing HUD configurations
  • Added icons to sidebar
  • Added HM Logo to sidebar
  • Added Rush tourney support – known issues while shorthanded.
  • Added betting pattern to HUD & Player Pref menu (Live tracking must be enabled)
  • Added option to scrape from screen in HUD Options/Table Prefs
  • Added Skin Designer to Options (Beta)
  • Added Leak Buster/Leak Buster Limit Updates
  • Added consolidated settings dialog to "Options"
  • Added Previous Versions to Help Menu
  • Added User Survey
  • Updated Buy Now button link in registration welcome screen
  • Added FTP Steps support
  • Fixed PokerStars new HH with Summary
  • Fixed PokerStars bounty not being counted
  • Fixed PokerStars requested HH import errors
  • Fixed PokerStars import issue with brackets in the name
  • Fixed exported Poker Stars hands being read as Party Poker
  • Fixed Pacific 3c/6c being imported as $3/$6
  • Fixed Pacific 5c/10c import errors
  • Fixed Unknown buyins and incomplete tournaments
  • Fixed Everest not importing hands with illegal characters in chat
  • Fixed FullTilt creating new player names when importing step tickets
  • Fixed Pacific 1c/2c hands importing as $1/$2
  • Fixed Poker Stars tourney summary import error
  • Fixed Party Omaha Hands imported as Holdem Limit
  • Fixed Party Turbo SNG's recognized as normal speed
  • Fixed Pacific import errors with dead blinds
  • Fixed exported FTP hands not being importable anymore
  • Fixed exported Ongame hands with missing hands/strange behavior
  • Fixed Poker Stars KO tournaments not recording correctly
  • Fixed Boss Media import errors
  • Fixed Pacific handgrabber import errors
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