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Below is the 1.11.03 release, but let me let you in on a secret first.  We have a new postgres database tool for those of you with large databases.  No more manual vacuuming and indexing.  We even took it a step further and added some postgres config settings.  This part scans your PC to see what kind of PC you have and tunes various postgres variables.  Super cool feature IMO.  Look for the tool to be soft launched in the forums shortly.

Here's the 1.11.03 press release from the main site.   

1.11.03 Released

Thursday July 22, 2010

.03 is an amazing update!  There are new features along with updates to old features.  We're doing some last minute testing on the new Auto-Updater but expect it to magically start working in the near future. In the mean time you can download the new build here.  Update Current Build Now

Tournament players get their Big Blind filter working on live tables.  If you’re a tournament grinder this filter is for you!!!  

Below is a list of everything else included in this build:

1.11.03 Updates:

Fixed FTP HH import problem from their update today

Better detection for RUSH

Short handed Rush tourneys fixed.

Updates to attempt and detect all Rush tourneys

New start of hand timing to resolve lagging behind some people have experienced.

Removed Rush Success Message

Fixed Options / Replayer Layout Crash

Optimized HM startup process. Much faster now.

Rush uses new technology for more reliable results.

Auto-detect HM install location in auto update installer

Added new time based reports and a EV by street report

Added the BB Filtering into real tourney hands

Consolidate configuration classes (now use same for DBControlPanel and HoldemManager)

Fix frmMain3 so form designer works

Update filtering by big blinds to make the big stack use his effective stack in the calculation. (for example, if heads up and stacks are 20BB and 5BB then both players would use 5BB as their stack size for the filtering by BB)

Fixed bug in the replayer filtering by big blind – it would use the stack size at the end of the hand, not the beginning to determine which stack amounts to filter by

Added a "Set To Default" option in the Hud Big Blind Filtering form to use some typical values

Added an "Include a BB VPIP/PFR grid in HUD Popup" option setting to the Hud Big Blind FIltering form. When this is checked the hud will have a new popup available that shows VPIP and PFR for each players based on big blinds remaining

Added the BB VPIP/PFR stat collection to the hud data file for replayed hands (will be added to live hands shortly)

Fixed error parsing player actions in HM integrated version.

Fixed VS Player Filter "Tourney/Hands"

Fixed Save Sort by criteria for tourney->results->dataview

Fixed Player Prefs Abbreviation not saved.

Remove HM APPs from Help Menu

Fixed Apply button(s) resetting HUD positions

Fixed crash in Settings dialog

Fixed radio buttons incorrectly linked in Purge Hands settings pane

Fixex crash when selecting edit on the change button when there is no player selected.

Updated default settings for Hud text size and hero character length

Fixed bug related to Auto-Import archive duration

Fixed error when filtering for tourney hands at 30/60 blind level

Fixed problem initializing the big blind combo box in the filter dialog

Fixed stack size report in reports dropdown display issue

Fixed tourney results filter wrong when multiple HM windows are open

Fixed "copy hands to clipboard"

Updated LeakBuster Source

Fixed limper and unopened filters not working correctly

Fixed VS player filter combined with "include hands won or lost" error

Fixed initialize min bb vs players field in main filters

Fixed "Fix Currency" option – wasn't being initialized properly

Fixed tourney BB filter defaulting to bb10 when non standard filter is used

Fixed player Prefs font button not opening Font popup.

Fixed wrong winnings in some FTP hands where the winning line is missing from the FTP hand

Fixed import error where there was a dummy player at the same seat – Party

Seperated import errors from incomplete hands in Import window.

Fixed some Omaha Hi/Lo hands not being imported – Party

Fixed Stars Summaries not completing some tourneys

Fixed Pacific import errors

Fixed Uncalled Bet bug with Pacific, FTP, Stars, OnGame

Fixed misc issues with antes and dead small blinds in Stars

Fixed OnGame issues that prevented 100% sucess with uncalled bets

Fixed All-in / Ante bug on FTP

Fixed euro hands being imported as USD on Part/Everest/OnGame

Fixed currency detection in iPoker

Added support for new Stars Summaries

Fixed missing buyin information in Merge tourneys

Fixed import error when strange characters are present in chat log.  Merge

Fixed import error when player goes all-in from the blinds or ante.  Merge

Fixed imcomplete hands being recognized as import errors.  Merge

Fixed rush detection after FTP update.

Fixed Stars hands in reverse order from PS emailed HH's

Fixed import errors for some tourney hands in HH's sent by Prima email.

Release Notes

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