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Oct 11, 2010 4 Comments

1.11.05 was released and you can find that on our download page.  Planning to keep providing insider information here for every post I cross post from the main HM news page.  Also going to keep going with the personal approach to try and drive more users here.  Maybe I can get some more guest posters posting or open it up for you to submit articles on HM Tips and Tricks? 

HM Related:  1.11.05 has some cool things in it but you're here for news from the janitor.  Hold on because here we go. 

  • Moving forward short term we're going to dedicate more resources on parsing issues. 
  • Rush tourney final table issue should be addressed rather soon as well. 
  • Ongame, Ongame, Ongame.  (Mucked Card Issue)  We've spent a ton of development time on this and there's no real news to report.  Here's the latest on that front. 

Personal:  New house is still amazing.  Party is planned for the 16th.  Ski season is about to start and I have a degree in Ski Resort Management.  Moved back to the town where I went to school.  I'll be hanging around a bunch of extremely talented skiers this year so I should get some amazing video and pictures.  Heck, I'm not too bad myself.  WVC Mogul Champion 1992.  🙂  I'll post some vintage pictures in the next blog post.   🙂 



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4 Responses to “1.11.05 Released”

  1. eQ says:

    what features are u gonna to add to 1.11.06?

  2. pmania says:

    And when can we expect the first beta ?

  3. Chris Kelly says:

    Did you build some houses in Portland Oregon Area? I use to work for Parr Lumber and you seem familar??

  4. Humberto says:


    Sorry my english.

    I wonder if the Holdem Manager is compatible with the ??

    Because on their website it does not appear here:


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