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At the beginning of December on Facebook I challenged myself to play 100 hands a day for the month and profit.  Since I haven’t grinded for a very long time, the stakes were micros.  3,200 hands is nowhere near a good sample to do full analysis, but playing reminded me about being profitable Vs break even. 


If I was playing all regulars, I’m probably lucky to be a break-even player and this is why you need to pick your spots.  The fish have no problem donating to your poker fund and TableScanner 2 works wonders for finding profitable players to play against.  If you grind, you need to table select to maximize your profits. 


I still don’t flop C-Bet enough and my showdown stats could be improved.  I tend to look opponents up on the river just because I want to see what they have.  This is a double edged sword because you do get more information, but how much are you paying for this extra information?

At the end of the day I did manage to profit while running way under expectation.  Comparing my old stats to my new stats, WOW, my game has changed.  I played way less hands (VPIP) than I used to in this sample.  This might be because I wanted to make sure I squeaked out a profit since I was being so public about my play.


The position report is interesting because I profited from the SB over 617 hands.  Not many hands for analysis, but if you compare my overall results where I played 23k hands from the small blind, I’m still doing very well here.  Losing 10bb/100 from the small blind and 20bb/100 from the big blind is totally acceptable for strong players.


What day you play and the time of day are also important for maximizing profits.  Look at the HM2 Report:  “Time-Day Of Week” to see the most profitable days to play and the HM2 Report: “Time-Hourly” for the best times to play.  These are generally Friday and Saturday nights when people are partying after a long work week. 

Long story short, if you want to maximize your win-rates, you need to do the following:

  • Table Select, Table Select, Table Select
  • Play at profitable times of the day
  • Bankroll Management
  • Study away from the table

While the above list is a small part of poker, those that are new to online poker need to make sure these are your top poker priorities of 2014. 


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