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Any hour now the new Holdem Manager website is going to launch!  We’re cleaning up some last minute things, but we’re all extremely excited to see the many months of hard work come together.  Along with the new website, we’ve completely redone the FAQ’s from the ground up.  For the time being we’re going to leave user comments on so users can post about the FAQ.  Good or bad, let us know what you think.

First Road Map Blog – Wow!  First let me say it’s extremely hard to plan more than a few months ahead because the nature of poker analytical software requires us to constantly fix problems as they arise.  It’s like your software is never done.  I don’t think many people realize this, but Holdem Manager is a living breathing program that has to respond to market conditions daily.  Every time we see a “Please Wait While We Update Your Poker Client” message there’s a tingle that shoots through our bodies.  What did they break this time?  hehe      It’s part of the game and we’re working 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure Holdem Manager is working with the latest poker clients.

On to the good stuff: (Road Map)

  • We’re on version 1.10.08 now
  • New Combo Installer will be released with the website – This installs and configures both Holdem Manager and PostgreSQL in a single click.  It also solves many of the Windows compatibly issues many users have faced in the past.
  • Multi Currency – In Progress
  • Boss + Merge support – Done
  • Multi Table Stat (shows number of tables people are playing on in hud – requires scanner license) – Done
  • HUD Filters by effective stack size for tourneys – Moved to 1.11
  • We’re going to be attempting to move HM to .net 3.5 which provides a bunch of advantages and allows us to integrate Holdem Vision which will be free for users. There will be some more advanced Holdem Vision functionality which will be made into Apps. This might need to wait until 1.11 depending on how the attempted switch to 3.5 goes – Done

Until next time, Good Luck at the tables!


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