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Jul 26, 2011 1 Comment

I’m going to spend time updating the blog a few times a week with HM2 information moving forward.  Lots to talk about and I’ll be able to address common questions along with anything relevant in the poker software world.   I also plan to publish some developer interviews.  Why not start with some fun facts about HM2 Development to date.

  • Project Duration:  12 months of Programming, 3 months of pre-production.  
  • Lines of Code: Over 1,000,000
  • Treadmill desks bought: 1 
  • Treadmill desks now sitting in storage: 1
  • Babies born: 3
  • # of times PostgreSQL was uninstalled and installed: 4,400+
  • # of times HM2 was installed and uninstalled: 10,000+
  • Total Bug Count: 2,000+
  • Current Open Bugs: 100+
  • Average import speed increase:  300% cash hands / 100% tourney hands

HM2 is the only next generation poker software you can use today.  HM Sync and the iPhone app are also two hard hitting features you can’t use anywhere else.  It’s not a concept product; it’s not marketing hype, its poker software the public is using today! 

The soft launch of HM2 has gone amazingly well and more licenses will be released soon.  Request your free HM2 Beta license by clicking request HM Beta in MYHM Account on

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  1. Bartlin says:

    Great to hear and the vids looks fantastic. Few questions :-):
    – What is the planned release date

    – What is the upgrade policy

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