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Developer Bio (HM Vision Developer)

Feb 28, 2012 No Comments

The HM Vision Developer has been a huge asset to the Holdem Manager team.  This developer brings loads of development experience to the table allowing us to enjoy creative solutions across the board. Name? A.         HM Vision Developer   How long have you worked for Holdem Manager? A.       I started HM Vision and Holdem Manager […]

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Developer Bio – Claus (NoteCaddy & HM2 Notes)

Feb 15, 2012 No Comments

Claus is a part-time HM2 Programmer while he works on NoteCaddy full time.  Enjoy the read.  There's still one more developer bio to run though so stay tuned.     Name? A.         Claus   How long have you worked for Holdem Manager? A.       I started working for HM about a year and a half ago.  […]

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Developer Bio – Roy (Founder & Database Programmer)

Feb 08, 2012 No Comments

There is no doubt Roy changed the Poker Software market forever with the release of HM1.  I don't think people have any idea the impact Roy made to the Poker Software industry almost 5 years ago.  Roy took the risk and quit his day job to release the most successful, commercially launched Poker Software product […]

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Developer Bio – Brian (Opponent Tab & Report Filters)

Jan 03, 2012 No Comments

Brian Sax was born in the snow-swept, almost apocalyptic landscape of Minnesota. As his parents were unable to have a second child, Brian suffered from a pathology known as Single Child Syndrome and might never have overcome his intense self-absorption were it not for the beckoning world of computers, where his obsessive energy could be harnessed for […]

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Developer Bio – Dennis (SNG Wizard & General HM Programmer)

Dec 21, 2011 No Comments

Dennis is the developer behind SNG Wizard poker software.  He brings tremendous tournament knowledge to the HM team while continuing to develop SNG Wizard.  His Developer bio is short and to the point, but we can expect an extended developer interview when we kick off the SNG Wizard marketing blitz next year. The other good […]

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Developer Bio – Mike (HUD Programmer)

Nov 29, 2011 No Comments

Mike's an amazing Programmer who works on the HUD.  He's been with Holdem Manager from day 1.  He's the guy you can thank for the first software to support a 3bet stat, live tracking and the street by street HUD in HM2.  He does much more than this and it's all for you.  Mike and […]

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Developer Bio – Chris (Design/Testing/Support)

Oct 28, 2011 No Comments

Chris started working for us shortly after HM2 poker software development started and quickly became the go to guy when it came to testing.  Chris probably has the least amount of software development experience between the team, but his dedication and hard work more than make up for it.  It's always good to have an […]

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Developer Bio – Brent (Brand Manager)

Oct 24, 2011 2 Comments

Here's the first installment of the Developer Bio's.  HM2 poker software development is very busy but I will get developer bio's for all that want to participate.  udbrky & Morny have been incredible assets to the design and testing of HM2.  They will more than likely be next while I wait for HM2 Programming time […]

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HM2 News + Developer Bio Update

Oct 20, 2011 3 Comments

HM2 Poker Software will see more bugs squashed and feature improvements in the next release.  Licensing for final release is currently being sorted out.  We can't be far from an official launch. More beta licenses have been released and we're working very hard to bring the HM2 pre-release development to a close.  I'm currently remaking […]

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New Hold’em Manager Developer

May 04, 2010 No Comments

I'd like to welcome Dennis, Mr. SitNGo Wizard himself to the Hold'em Manager family. Dennis is responsible for the new HMApp, SitNGo Wizard, and I'm honored to have him part of the official Holdem Manager family.  SitNGo Wizard did extremely well on it's own and having another tournament specialist on board will only produce more […]

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