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Microsoft’s Windows XP Updates to Stop

Mar 12, 2014 No Comments

In less than a month Microsoft will stop releasing updates to Windows XP.  Holdem Manager poker software will continue to work on Windows XP machines after April 8th, 2014.   What this means for you: While Holdem Manager poker software will continue to run on Windows XP machines, we strongly urge you to […]

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HM Cloud Beta is Now Live

Mar 06, 2014 No Comments

After more than 18 months of development, we are pleased to announce the official launch of HM Cloud Beta today. Click Here to start using HM Cloud.     For up to the minute updates and announcements, like us on Facebook and follow @HoldemManager on Twitter.

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Pimp Your HUD (Video 2)

Feb 26, 2014 No Comments

Today HM2 poker software releases the second video in the Pimp Your HUD video series.  You can find part 1 HERE. Part 2 includes the following: Color Coding Stats Add Color Coding to Popup Stats Color Code Pots Over X bb's Overhang Pixels Lock HUD Layout   For up to the minute updates and announcements, […]

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NoteCaddy Delivers New Features

Feb 18, 2014 No Comments

NoteCaddy poker software released a new beta build a couple weeks ago with some very powerful new features. Caddy Clock allows you to see timing tells. Caddy Scatter now shows PF hand ranges in a chart. Caddy Scatter now has an option to use Caddy Scatter on individual notes. New Instant Replayer Viewer – Now […]

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Preview: HM2 HUD Repository

Jan 29, 2014 5 Comments

2014 is shaping up to be a monster year at Holdem Manager poker software.  Today I want to introduce you to the new HM2 HUD Repository. The HUD Repository is not currently released to the public, but will be in the coming weeks. Players across the globe will soon be able to share HM2 HUD’s […]

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Updated HM2 Hand Viewer

Jan 21, 2014 8 Comments

HM2’s new hand viewer delivers a clean look making it easier to read hands when playing at the tables.  It’s more compact like the HM1 hand viewer but delivers a ton of new features.  Mouse over player names to see stats Mouse over winning/losing amount to see a detailed breakdown of rake and money put […]

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New NASH Charts for HM2

Jan 08, 2014 9 Comments

Thanks goes out to for all the hard work they put into creating NASH Charts. Over the holidays we sneaked in NASH Chart popups for all HM2 customers.  You can find the NASH Charts by adding them to a stat as a popup.  NASH Charts are aids to help HU SNG players. Currently we […]

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100 Hand Facebook Challenge Complete

Jan 07, 2014 No Comments

At the beginning of December on Facebook I challenged myself to play 100 hands a day for the month and profit.  Since I haven’t grinded for a very long time, the stakes were micros.  3,200 hands is nowhere near a good sample to do full analysis, but playing reminded me about being profitable Vs break […]

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Leak Buster Video: 3Bet Resteals vs Regulars

Dec 17, 2013 1 Comment

John over at Leak Buster delivers an interesting video detailing resteals vs regulars.  Learn when to 3Bet or call when you are in position when a fish enters the pot and a regular raises in front of you.     For up to the minute updates and announcements, like us on Facebook and follow @HoldemManager […]

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Understanding the Red Line – Non Showdown Winnings

Dec 03, 2013 10 Comments

The graph red line is one of the most overrated analysis tools people talk about.  As time goes on, the poker community understands it better and so do I.  Today I want to give you a brief rundown on what the graph red line is and how you can adjust your play to change it. […]

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