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Chris started working for us shortly after HM2 poker software development started and quickly became the go to guy when it came to testing.  Chris probably has the least amount of software development experience between the team, but his dedication and hard work more than make up for it. 

It's always good to have an outsider join your team to give an outsiders perspective on everything.  With that, here's his developer Bio.



A.      Chris, I’ve played as udbrky and am udbrky on pretty much every poker related site.

How long have you worked for Holdem Manager?

A.      It’s been about 11 months.

What specific part of Holdem Manager do you work on?

A.      Testing releases, product design & usability, forum and email responses.

Anything interesting about your past work experience?

A.      I’ve worked in a wide variety of fields, this is my first software-related field. I’ve played poker online for 5 years. I just try to bring a little bit of every past experience to the team.

Have you done any poker side projects in the past?

A.      I ran a home game for a little bit. 

What is your favorite variation of poker?

A.      No Limit Hold’em cash has long been my staple.   I like Razz and Triple Draw lowball. I also just learned a fun game called 357 –

How often do you play every week?

A.      At least 5 times a week, either online or live.

Can you share anything that might help a developer get hired for their dream job?  (Poker or not)

A.      Work hard, learn as much as possible even if it’s not directly for your job, make friends everywhere. Sometimes things come up and a situation presents itself.

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