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Mike's an amazing Programmer who works on the HUD.  He's been with Holdem Manager from day 1.  He's the guy you can thank for the first software to support a 3bet stat, live tracking and the street by street HUD in HM2.  He does much more than this and it's all for you.  Mike and I worked in the video game industry together long ago bringing tons of development experience to Holdem Manager.



A.      Mike.


How long have you worked for Holdem Manager?

A.      Partnered with Roy over 4 years ago to start Holdem Manager.


What specific part of Holdem Manager do you work on?

A.      Anything to do with the HUD.  As the workload on HM1 increased I helped Roy with other bits like the replayer but on HM2 it’s mainly HUD.


Anything interesting about your past work experience?

A.      I used to own Left Field Productions.  We were a second party Nintendo Developer for a period of time with hits such as Excitebike 64 and NBA Courtside featuring Kobe Bryant.  Before that I worked at Ocean.  When I retired from LFP I took poker up to kill some time and that’s how I got started with the poker industry. 


Have you done any poker side projects in the past?

A.      Yes, prior to Holdem Manager I made a HUD program called Realtime. Roy got in touch and asked if I could adapt it to work with a new program called Holdem Manager… 


What is your favorite variation of poker?

A.      No Limit Hold’em cash.  There’s nothing like outplaying people and watching them get steamed because I read their soul.  I must admit my soul gets read every now and then too.


How often do you play every week?

A.      2-3 times a week.  I played more before Holdem Manager got going and was reasonably successful at $100nl. But now I’m usually messing around, plus we’re working hard on HM2 at the moment so my free play time is currently limited.


Can you share anything that might help a developer get hired for their dream job?  (Poker or not)

A.      Job market is tough these days. If you can’t find work right now, try making a demo of something cool. I didn’t think I would make any money out of my HUD program. But then Roy saw it, got in touch and it lead to Holdem Manager. 

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