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School might be out for summer, but it's always a good time to study poker.  All professional poker players study the game away from the table and here is your chance to do the same. 

LeakBuster recently released a 100% free eBook covering NL Holdem. (111 Pages!)  It's quite a read covering a ton of poker related topics.  Visit to sign up and download the free eBook.

We also heard a workbook will be released soon as well.  More details to follow later.

Here's the link again if you missed it:


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Book Contents:

 Table of Contents
Introduction 4
About The Author 5
Chapter 1: Why are you playing? 6
First Goals 7
Blog About It 7
Make Poker Friends 7
Chapter 2: Know Thyself 8
Aggression 9
Aggression (too passive) 9
Aggression (too aggro) 10
Rational Deduction / Logic 11
Psychological Control / Understanding 13
Tilt 14
Being a good quitter (Tilt) 15
Self Awareness 16
Perceptiveness 17
Chapter 3: Get it Together 19
Bankroll Management 19
Poker Software 20
Preparation and Diet 21
Diet 21
Chapter 4: Glorious Poker Math 25
Combinations 25
Probability 26
Equity 27
Expected Value (EV) 27
Fold Equity 27
Chapter 5: Metta World Peace 29
Tension Count 29
Reads and Notes 32
List of Abbreviations (Brief Overview) 33
ATC (Any Two Cards) 34
FC (Flush Chaser) 36
SOOT (Likes to play any two suited cards) 37
AK (Will bet turn unimproved) 39
CRW (Calls raises with weak hands) 40
LAF (Will lead into pre-flop raises and fold to a raise) 41
SVB (Slim Value Bettor) 41
Ax (Will play an ace from anywhere) 45
NPR (Will raise a non-premium hand) 46
CBB (Continuation Bet Bad Boards) 47
LA (Look-up Artist) 48
Chapter 6: In the Beginning 50
Starting Decisions 50
Flat Calling 51
Blind Play 53
Optimal Big Blind Play 55
Defending from the Big Blind vs Early Openers 55
Defending from the Big Blind vs Steals 58
Defending from the Big Blind vs Button Steals 58
Squeezing from the Big Blind vs Open Buttons 61
Defending from the Big Blind vs Cut-off's 62
Squeezing from the Big Blind vs Open Cut-Offs 63
Defending from the Small Blind vs Steals 65
Defending from the Small Blind vs Button Steals 65
Defending from the Small Blind vs Cut-off Opens 67
Squeezing from the Small Blind vs Open Cut-Offs 67
Out of The "Norm" Lines to Take Against Steals 69
Chapter 7: 3-Betting 73
Value Range 73
Bluffing Range 74
Quasi Range 75
3-Bet Sizing 76
Standard 3-bet Strategy 76
Applied Pressure 3-bet Strategy 76
Applied Pressure vs Standard 3-bet Strategy 79
3-Bet Calling Ranges 79
Easy Folds to 3-bets 80
"Easy" Calls to 3-bets 81
Marginal Spots vs 3-bets 82
Being 3-bet by a short stack 84
Chapter 8: 4-Bet Bluffing 87
Why 4-bet Bluff? 87
Good 4-bet bluffing hands 87
4-bet Bluff Sizing 88
Ideal 4-bet Bluffing Spots 90
Chapter 9: Perceived Range 92
Balancing Your Range 92
Balancing Flop Textures 94
Balancing on Dry Boards 95
Balancing on Coordinated Boards 99
Balancing on Paired Boards 101
Balanced Deception 105
Putting It All Together 110

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