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Alpha news at the bottom.  We all know poker is a game of skill, but this poor sap didn’t have a clue…

Golfed as a single Saturday and was matched up with a crazy.  On the back 9 I opened up about the USA poker situation.  They were 30-35’ish.  Let them know recent events and asked them if they thought poker was gambling.  One guy adamantly said, “hell ya, it should be illegal and they should shut them down.”  I asked him why is it ok for USA players to go to a local casino, drink, drive home and risk innocent lives when they could be playing in the comfort of their own home instead?  He says, “It’s all bad, it’s gambling and I’ve seen people lose everything because of gambling."

So you think poker is gambling like blackjack and other card games against the house?  “Yep” 

Poker is against other players like golf and chess though, right?.  “It’s gambling, it’s all about the cards you get.  I’ve played poker with my friends before.”

Sign me up for that home game pronto!!!  Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have been such a dick and worked the home game angle more.  🙂

I could tell this guy was getting frustrated, but he was talking shit about my work and I wasn’t about to let it go.  I was in full on, Daniel Negrano, not going to let it go mode. LOL

We are on 17 and had another exchange.  If you played 1,000 hands of poker against a poker pro, who would win? “The Poker pro.”

Then poker is a game of skill like golf or chess?  “No, it’s all about the cards you get.” 

I think we could both beat Tiger Woods in a single hole of golf, like a single poker hand, but after 18 holes, Tiger will probably win.  Just like poker, anyone can win a single hand, but the best player is going to win in the long run, right?

This guy had enough of me now.  Some words were exchanged and we finished our round without the traditional handshake.  I’ve played over 200 rounds of golf and never missed the traditional handshake, but I scored 79 so F* that guy.         

OK, onto some cool HM news.  Someone tweeted that you can get a sneak peak at a HM Alpha product???  I'll have more news as the story develops.  🙂 

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