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For those that have signed up and used HM Cloud Alpha, thank you for your feedback!  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we're using this feedback to improve HM Cloud Alpha.


Start Using HM Cloud Today:  All HM2 Owners can start using HM Cloud Alpha poker software today by requesting access here:

New Poker Sites Supported:  Full Tilt Poker & Merge are new sites that HM Cloud Alpha supports along with PokerStars. 

Easy Install & Setup:  There is no database to setup and the only configuration you need to do is confirm what folder your hand histories are in during install. 

Review Hands on Any PC or Device:  Since all hands are stored in the cloud you can review hands on any computer or device – PC, MAC, iOS, Android, etc. 

Upcoming Features:

  • Import your own HM2 HUD layouts
  • Show mucked cards in the HUD
  • IPoker support
  • Pacific support
  • FTP RUSH support
  • Party FAST support

HM Cloud Alpha HUD

HM Cloud Alpha comes with 5 HUD’s that are selectable right from your table along with basic report functionality in your web browser. 

HM2 HUD’s that HM Cloud Alpha uses:

  • Default
  • Expanded
  • Harrington Intermediate
  • Harrington Advanced
  • Heads-Up




Report Analysis

Reports are all viewed in your web browser since the database is all stored in the Cloud.  The 3 Reports currently available (with more to come soon) are:

  • Analysis
  • Opponent Analysis
  • Live Play


The Analysis Report lets you view overall results by game type, (Holdem or Omaha) results by Position, Street along with Key Stats and Hands.  Drill down on HM Cloud's Graphs building complex filters with just a couple mouse clicks.  

Cloud-analysis-1          Cloud-analysis-2


Clicking any key stat will display a new screen with content allowing you to analyze your game deeper.  When viewing key stats, you can view basic stats for that action along with a starting hand chart by position.



Keep drilling down by stats to view more analysis data.


Opponent Analysis

Opponent Analysis lets you choose what opponent you want to see stats for.  View key stats by Flop, Turn, River, Showdown and Overall.

By clicking the eye next to any stat, a new screen will load showing you all hands where that action was performed.  There is also a replayer here where you can replay hands as the action went down.



Live Play

The Live Play Report shows all your active tables, overall session summary and all the hands you’ve played.  By clicking a player name in the Active Table list, you can instantly view opponent stats in the Opponents Report.



There you have it, HM Cloud Alpha is progressing nicely and did I mention it’s a breeze to setup?  Currently, HM Cloud Alpha is limited to cash games only, but supports both Holdem and Omaha.  The other limitation you should be aware of is limited HUD and Report stats.  As HM Cloud development progresses, you will be able to use it for tournaments and be able to customize your HUD and Report stats.

All HM2 Owners can start using HM Cloud Alpha poker software today by requesting access here:


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