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Aug 03, 2011 3 Comments

Many online poker players prefer playing in the dark with darker colors on their monitors.  Poker software wouldn’t be complete without a dark theme.   Only available to developers right now, but let me show you a few screen shots.  


Dark theme will be available shortly for everyone and I should remind you the screens here are early.  Colors are subject to change, but this is the direction we're headed with it.

HM2 Poker Software is in public beta.  Have you requested your HM2 Beta Code yet?

Stay tuned because more surprises are right around the corner!


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3 Responses to “HM2 Dark Theme”

  1. WizardOfAhhs says:

    great, now let us change the colors of the lines on the graphs please!! thanks 🙂

  2. Stu says:

    Looks great ! 

  3. andy says:

    That's so much better!  Hope this gets released soon!

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