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Earlier this week saw the release of a big HM2 build update.  Most notable are changed to the ribbon. Numerous bug fixes are in this build along with HUD updates and a few stat updates.  There is even a new Widget!   

TableScanner will be functional on a few sites in the near future along with overall performance improvements across the board to the HM2 Poker Software

The German video library was just added.  This brings the total HM2 Poker Software video library languages to 5 with Portuguese and Italian soon to follow.

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

I'll have more details about the HM2 Facebook Town Hall soon. Build Notes

– Tweaked some of the Ribbon buttons

– Added 3bet by position to reports

– Added 4bet range by position to report stats

– Added fold vs 3bet when IP/OOP to reports

– Added Tiltbreaker Widget

– LeakBuster Updates

– 1948 Fixed site time double click opens wrong field for edit

– 644 Fixed added more filters to Player Summaries

– Fixed replayer crash

– 2379 Fixed adding filters, then going back to more filters causing crash

– 837 Fixed opponents replayer play button does not reset when you go back to the beginning

– 1426 Fixed adding new report initially no hands shown in viewer

– Tweaked multi-table stat collection and report output

– Calculating shortstack multi-way pot AI $EV differently.  Players who went all-in but other players remained in the hand who did not go all-in should not have EV for the hand.

– Fixed issue with preflop hands heat map.  Changed to log scale.

– 1695 Fixed hide import player notes check box when no import database is selected

– Removed visifire watermark from chart in full replayer

– Change made to hand replay logic for Leakbuster

– 2371 Fixed start scan then go to sessions tab causes crash

– 2351 Fixed convert unrecognized characters in hand histories

– Modified logging.  Tried to fix regional settings for a customer

– 2382 Fixed exclude folders that have been removed from the auto import list

– Table Scanner Ribbon updates

– Added luck adjusted winnings to tournament winnings graph

– NoteCaddy bug fixes

– Fixed some HM2Playerhand loading issues and added more logging to leftopview.xaml

– 2396 Fixed reports being saved to wrong folder

– Fixed logging issue when showing total number of gathered hands in log file

– Dealt with compilation warnings dropped by about 1000 so list is more manageable

– 2354 Fixed some HM2 flop board texture filters not applied

– 194 Added filter by poker site to main filters

– Added ability to delete inactive note definitions

– Stars live tracking first checkin

– 1989 Fixed hand grid columns so they match HM1

– TableScanner and Auto Rate Rule checkins

– 1990 Fixed clicking back on tooltip causing a crash

– 2426 Fixed crash in launcher widget configuration

– Dropped gathered stat chunk to 5k hands for initial grab

– Auto Rate rule score fixed

– Moved Auto Rate Rules from HUD Options to Settings

– Import unoptimized hero hands

– Popup Size updates

– Removed 20 second delay when launching HM2 update

– Added 5 seconds back to delay when launching HM2 update

– missing stats (with () in names)

– 1949 Renamed backup & restore file options

– 1618 Fixed crash when running under non-admin account.  Moved reg.log file

– TableScanner score implementation

– Scaleable cards and other fixes – Mike

– Improved status during player loading

– Add Widget ribbon initial checkin

– Style changes to HM2 add widgets

– 1902 investigating and adding logging

– Improvements to load time

– 1822 Fixed updating tourney data when processing player hands

– Tourney M + other fixes

– Table Finder fixes

– Party anonymous table checkin

– Added current action highlights in replayer

– Icon selection cleanup

– HUD Transparency fix not allowing completely transparent background

– 1902 Active gamehistory.dat without having to restart HM2

– Bodog launcher added / minor fixes

– Mainpopup checkin

– Added new categories and searching for HM widgets

– 2177 Fixed show both cash and tourney hands in select player dialog

– 2174, 2023, 1986, 1939 Fixed Stars hyper-turbo parsing issues

– Added rake to PP hands after no rake promotion ended

– Fixed table name for Italian poker site

– 1782 Fixed disable double click in ribbon

– RSS widget work

– New HUD color picker

– Replayer M fix

– 2122, 1969 Tourney M parsing fixes

– 2323 Fixed editing of tournament winnings

– Report manager fix

– 1218 Fixed some free rolls importing with the buyin being the total prize pool rather than free.

– Removed logging to fix Win7 crash

– Fix for main column controls

– Set gamehistory.dat archive parameters to 5MB and 15 minutes

– 2407 Fixed Tournament filters effective stack size only in chips, should be bb

– 2484 Basic Filter/Raisers position not returning correct results

– 2432 Fixed separate date range from filters

– 184 Fixed cash results widget

– 2505 Fixed tournament M orbits between 0-1 showing hands with 1.x M

– 2511 Ribbon rework

– 1936 Added more logging for this bug

– Auto detect runs only once. Auto import and HUD are started after all modules have been initialized

– Popup boarders and minor fixes

– Popup designer enhancements

– Eliminated GetHM2DatabaseNames on startup

– Colorpicker.dll checkin

– 2502 Fixed cancel button not working in updater

– 2206 Added 32 stats to the reports based on this bug

– 2206 Added 11 new report stats

– 2206 Added 6 more report stats

– Added table detect logging

– Timer fixes

– 2324 Added tourney starting stack size for tourney tags

– Fixed startup database connection issue

– Added buddy list from HUD Note dialog to Scanner buddy list

– 2433 Check for null values when editing multiple tournaments

– Table Scanner Ribbon work

– TiltBreaker removed time controls

– Fixed problem finding databases with different parent database folders

– 2206 Added 13 new stats

– Added min raise to tourney bb range popup

– Tiltbreaker added cents

– 2512 Fixed not being able to switch current player

– 2323 don't allow tournament winnings to be edited when a matching tournament tag is found

– 2382 add logging and fix default archive folder



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