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Oct 20, 2011 3 Comments

HM2 Poker Software will see more bugs squashed and feature improvements in the next release.  Licensing for final release is currently being sorted out.  We can't be far from an official launch.

More beta licenses have been released and we're working very hard to bring the HM2 pre-release development to a close.  I'm currently remaking HMTV videos with the new UI and dark theme.  Once these are done they should appear on the Iphone shortly after.  Once basic functionality videos are up to date we can look at creating more strategy and leak finding videos. 

As I stated previously I'm going to be doing a Developer Bio Blog series.  I'll start tomorrow with myself and each Friday I'll try my best to update the series with a new team member.      

I've been asked to speak with a high school computer applications class to go over entering and working in the video game industry.  Should be fun!  It's amazing you can speak to a high school class from your own home these days.  I'm currently taking a pottery night class at the local college and a guest artist came in last night.  We sat through an hour and a half of her life story before she started showing us anything.  Hopefully I won't put the kids to sleep like that!



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    Are you still looking for translator to translate the vids into other languages?

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    Not at this time.

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