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Oct 07, 2011 10 Comments

The poker software world gets another free update to Holdem Manager 2.  HM2 poker software has been in beta for a couple months with thousands of Beta users.   Today's update, or yesterdays if you were playing yesterday, has multiple bugs fixed and two key performance improvements.

1.       Hand import speed is increased

2.       Stat load times when loading replayer for the first time is now instant.

The press release on lists all the updates to this build.

We're approaching final development before HM2 poker software goes on sale.  Pricing and an exact release date haven't been finalized; however, if you buy HM1 today you'll get HM2 for free!

I've been mentioning the cool new features HM2 has that no other poker software has and they're significant enough I think they need another mention.

·         iPhone App – Networks to HM2 on your PC

·         HM Sync – Backup and store your database on the cloud

·         Street by Street HUD  – For the grinders

·         Home Tab Widgets – All widgets are free and more will be added all the time

·         HM Apps – Your one stop shop for all the critical poker software you'll ever need

·         Opponent line explorer – Quickly see opponents range while playing

·         HUD Graphs –  Using normalized ranges new users to poker software will understand stats faster

If you want the complete poker software package, there is no doubt Holdem Manager has you covered.  We could talk about features everyone has and call them revolutionary, but we'll stick to the features nobody has and call those "features nobody else has."  🙂



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10 Responses to “HM2 Build”

  1. Mike says:

    Is there an Android app planned?

  2. IAM says:

    ye, android would be SUPERB, cause im planning on selling my iphone 4 and buying google nexus prime soon

  3. Spiiidy says:

    Are the additional beta keys being released yet?

  4. B-Money says:

    Android app port is planned. 

    More licenses have been released.

  5. Tony says:

    Plus one on the Android port.
    And we need rescaling up to %150, or PT4 is an easy choice for me.

  6. B-Money says:

    "And we need rescaling up to %150, or PT4 is an easy choice for me."

    Can you elaborate on what type of scaling you're looking for?  HUD Scaling?  HM1 and 2 already have it. 

    PT4 – Let us know when they have a downloadable product.

  7. Tony says:

    HM1 rescales greater than 96 dpi? thats news to me every time I tried it I get  blank buttons in the DB.  Ala:
    Yes, I could rescale to 100%, but I'd like the rest of the of my pc to be usable.
    Take care of the rescale issue and I'm 90% switching to HM2.

  8. B-Money says:

    Ahh, windows DPI Settings.  Once things settle down after release we do hope this is fully resolved.  Resolved before public release isn't likely.

  9. IAM says:

    screw that scaling. i don't wanna buy iphone just to analyse my games when i'm out of pc. but, if you do that for android – it will be S U P E R B. love you guys

  10. Potcommitted says:

    I want the android app too! I mean really bad…

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