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Apr 03, 2014 9 Comments

HM2 poker software now supports 888 & WSOP New Jersey poker clients. 

Based on 888's software, both sites are fully supported with hand importing and a heads-up display (HUD).  Track all of your hands with HM2's industry leading poker software technology. 

Using HM2's powerful toolset allows you to analyze your own game spotting costly leaks, track your results and get detailed statistical information about your opponents.

If you play in New Jersey and are not using HM2, download HM2 to see what you've been missing.  HM2 is the only poker software that comes with a fully functional 30-day trial with no trial limitations.

Download Hold'em Manager 2


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9 Responses to “HM2 Supports 888 & WSOP New Jersey”

  1. Steven Madara says:

    having trouble get setup with nj 888 and wsop. I actually never used hm2 just hm1 so hm2 is new to me. Please give step by step instructions and where to save the hands from the site. Thx much appreciated

  2. Mike says:

    Yea I am having problems with it also. Tried to import the hands but no luck

  3. Steven Madara says:

    It found some of my older hands but not all, I had a session just now where it didnt start the hud but it found the table. Didnt pick up the few hands i played either. 

  4. meriyork says:

    are u playing cash?? thats was my problem so check pliz


  5. Name says:

    My problem is that I cannot find 888 and WSOP in the 'site setup' option. Please let me know what to do.

  6. tom says:

    wsop doesnt come up on site setup….. greattt 🙁

  7. Rick Blumenthal says:

    Where can I find the option to save HH's from both sites?

    Has anyone had success with linking both sites up?

    A few players posted they had issues.


  8. Rick Blumenthal says:

    i set the folder via the site, but no HH are going into it. what am i doing wrong? (went into settings/game settings)

  9. udbrky says:

    WSOP is not in the site setup. You will need to use the 888 settings, as we only list the network.



    Try creating a c:\888 folder and using that to save the hands. It could be a permissions issue.


    Please see this FAQ to alleviate any security bottlenecks:


    Also, restart the client after setting it to save hand histories. If it does not save, please contact their support as that is not in our control.

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