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Holdem Manager 2’s HUD Settings and Report Filters are seeing an update streamlining multiple windows in HM2 poker software.

HUD Settings / General Settings are now broken down into four main categories:

  1. Common Settings
  2. Mucked Cards
  3. HUD Font
  4. Advanced Settings

Breaking these options down minimizes what users see on a single screen.  If you remember the old HUD Settings / General Settings, you were presented with 30+ options on a single screen.  Now they are broken down into smaller chunks so you are not overwhelmed with options.

FAQ Link for New HUD Settings / General Settings


The next UI update comes to Report Filters / Basic Filters.  The same theory is applied here minimizing what options are displayed on the screen at one time.  Now you can open:

  1. Game Stakes and Number of Players
  2. Common Filters
  3. Position and Action
  4. Vs Player

FAQ Link for New HUD Report Fitlers / Basic Filters


This HM2 update will be available very soon. 


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