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Holdem Manager 1 is widely known as the market leader in poker software.  (One of the main reasons I love working here.)

Today I have the pleasure of sharing some behind the scenes info about the Holdem Manager 2 announcement. 

HM2 Introduction Video English

HM2 Introduction Video Russian

HM2 Introduction Video Spanish

HM2 Introduction Video French

HM2 Introduction Video Italian

The first thing that I want to share with you is how to enroll in the HM2 Beta program.  We are limiting the program to existing owners of HM1.  If you are an existing owner of HM1, please log into and click on the link at the top of the home page to enroll in the HM2 Beta program.

In order to ensure that we can handle the volume of support activity and questions that will understandably come with a new version of Hold’em Manager, we are releasing HM2 codes gradually on a first come basis and those request that exceed the number of codes available are being placed in a queue for future codes as they are released.  When you register for the HM2 Beta program, you will either receive an HM2 Beta product code via email or a confirmation of where you are in the queue.

We will be releasing additional codes daily and the rate at which we do so will be dependent on the feedback and open issues that are identified as the HM2 Beta progresses.

The Holdem Manager Development Team is a true dream team.  No BS here, we have the best of the best poker software developers in the world working for us.  The two original HM developers, Roy & Mike, led the development of HM2 along with the expanded team that I consider an all-star list of other poker software developers.  These include the developer for some of the most respected poker software titles in the industry including:

  • Holdem Vision
  • Sit-N-Go Wizard
  • IHUB & FT Notes Developer
  • NoteCaddy Developer

There are others such as the web development team for Hold’em Manager that were instrumental in bringing HM2 to public Beta .  These guys developed an amazing server infrastructure and platform for the optional HM-SYNC service that allows you to store your HM Database in the cloud and easily keep it synced between your desktop and laptop.

We can’t forget the internal testing team and the current tech support team either.  These teams spent countless hours documenting bugs and testing builds.  I also have to give a shout to the 200 alpha testers who have been using and testing HM2 for the last 3 months.

The iPhone App was developed by a highly respected development team in the video game industry.  The HM2 iPhone app is free by the way. 

As with all Beta releases, there are a few known issues that our team is working to resolve.  Due to the size of the team that I described above, you will find that we will quickly move through these and new issues that come up in Beta. 

If you want to see what HM2 has to offer, download this video.

HM2 Introduction Video English

HM2 Introduction Video Russian

HM2 Introduction Video Spanish

HM2 Introduction Video French

In future blog posts I will go into much more detail about specific HM2 features.  For now check out the informational video where I hit about 75 features.

The HM2 TV widget inside of HM2 also has several 2-3 minute feature tutorial videos to get you started and we are adding more weekly.  Narration on these videos is currently being translated into seven different languages!

If you have questions about HM2, read the sticky in this thread and post questions in the HM2 Beta Forums.


We hope you enjoy strapping into HM2 for a test drive soon!


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