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One of the most time consuming things in reviewing your online play is quickly locating hands that need your attention. Fortunately Leak Buster 4 makes this extremely easy to do. Even if you do not own Leak Buster there is a non-expiring, limited free trial included so you can get an idea of how it works.

Since Leak Buster is already looking at over 480 different areas of your games for leaks, it quickly divides up which leaks are costing you the most impact on your bankroll by hierarchically ranking them for you in the step 1 screen. From there, you can look at your top leaks and click on the "Hands" tab that relates to the leak. Double click on any of the hands that are listed to replay and review them. You can also right click and run the hand through the equity calculator, or export it to a forum format to post on your favorite poker forum for discussion.

As a former online professional player myself, one of the ways I improved the most was reviewing my top leaks by posting and asking questions about them. How was my bet sizing? Was this a good river bluff considering I checked the turn? You can never post too many hands, or ask too many questions. I can't understate how important this part of learning is for correcting your leaks. Staying on top of your review, and consistently looking at hands where you made mistakes will allow you to recognize similar potential mistakes in the future.

Posting and reviewing hands is something we could all be doing more. Try and make a commitment to yourself to post X amount of hands per week, or per day. See how close you can get to meeting your goal and reward yourself if you do meet it. Getting better at poker is hard work. No one is just going to give it to you. All of the top online pros have put the hard work in to get better.

Allow Leak Buster to serve up the info you need for your poker growth, and stay on top of your game with constant review.

Up Next: Getting the most out of the integrated equity calculator in Leak Buster.

Good luck on the virtual felt!

The Leakbuster Team

Leak Buster 4 starts at $59.99 for NL $25 and below – $89.99 for Leak Buster 4 Pro for all stakes. Plug those leaks and…


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