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Hand analysis just got easier with Leak Busters new hand range analysis tool. You can now export critical hands you want to review to forum format. Within that will be a link to analyze the hand in the hand range tool.

The hand range tool has some pretty powerful features that allow you to see your equity and the range for both the hero and villain. While everything is auto calculated for your convenience you can take it a step further and customize those range's removing or marking combinations as unlikely to help fine turn the range. When your done you can copy the range and equity data to the clipboard and add it to the hand history in the forum post which makes analysis more in depth, easier and better.

John Anhalt, the developer behind the tool and a successful high stakes player found this type of analysis of his game was a key part of improving his game from a micro stakes player all the way up to a successful high stakes player. Unfortunately things weren’t so easy for him having to enter the data and ranges manually but thanks to Leak Busters new feature you don't have to share that inconvenience and can spend your extra time playing and working on other parts of your game.

Check it out now in this video:

Available for No Limit, Limit and Omaha, Leak Buster is one of the the best ways to increase your win rate.


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