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Things happen pretty fast around here.  Must be a sign I have the best job in the world!

Instead of going through new HM2 poker software features I want to give everyone a behind the scenes update in general. 

  1. First order of business is a new HM2 build is right around the corner.  We're testing it hard right now and waiting for another change or two but the build is looking solid for a release in the next day or two.  Massive updates here.  Ribbon buttons changed a little, Tiltbreaker is added to the Home Tab Widgets along with a ton of other updates.
  2. Marketing guys are putting together some kind of real-time Q&A session.  I'll be there for sure along with some other team members.
  3. Beta licensing is being extended.  I just issued a HM2 Alert to remind everyone where you can find your HM2 License.
  4. While we've been cranking out the hard to fix bugs recently we're going to dedicate some time to those pesky bugs that can tilt a user.  These are bugs with a lower priority, but still important.
  5. Videos are all uploaded to Youtube now.  They are not super high-res, but doing this enables us to embed videos easily directly to web pages.  View the HM2 Youtube Channel

The Poker Software industry sure has it's excitement even though we are a very small industry.  I'm personally looking forward to the HM2 town hall and when I have more information I'll post it here and create a HM2 news item.


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