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Dec 13, 2009 6 Comments

Author: Mike Chops (Holdem Manager HUD Programmer)

The 1.10.3 beta has a new HUD stat I’ve been waiting for a while now. The multi-table stat works in conjunction with the scanner and tells you how many tables it found a player sitting on in the last scan.

I got the idea from watching a training video where the instructor was using the search feature on the Full Tilt client to see how many tables a player was on. The idea was that if a player is only one or two tables he could be a recreational player -regs typically play more. Lots of tables generally means a player plays more ABC.

Sometimes when I’ve had ideas that I think are good, when I try them out they turn out to be a little disappointing. But I was pleased with the way the multi-table stat worked. I was playing 4 tables. On one of the hud showed the player to my right was on 14. I was able to 3-bet him, being reasonably certain he wasn’t going to be play back with marginal hands.

I felt having the stat gave me additional insight into what a player was thinking. It gave me an edge. And that is what Hold’em Manager is all about.

– Mike Chops

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6 Responses to “New Multi-Table Stat”

  1. Quincy3 says:

    Can you tell me more about how the multitabler stat works and how to find it

  2. B-Money says:

    It’s used in conjunction with Table Scanner. You can find it in HUD Options/Player Preferences/Stats. It’s called “Multi Table.”


  3. Quincy3 says:

    so does the scanner just scan cash tables, and the you can see how many cash tables opponents are playing while playing in a SNG. I play primarily 45 man SNGs, will it scan how many sngs your opponents are playing.

  4. B-Money says:

    Correct, Multi-Table stat is for cash games. Table Scanner only works with cash games. I’ll probably put this in next months, tip of the month video.

  5. alec says:

    so this stat only works if you buy table scanner?

  6. B-Money says:

    Correct, it uses Table Scanner information for the stat.

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