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Jan 08, 2014 9 Comments

Thanks goes out to for all the hard work they put into creating NASH Charts.

Over the holidays we sneaked in NASH Chart popups for all HM2 customers.  You can find the NASH Charts by adding them to a stat as a popup.  NASH Charts are aids to help HU SNG players. Currently we have the following new NASH popups:

  1. NASH_Call – When facing an all-in preflop, this is your calling range based on NASH
  2. NASH_PUSH – What hands you should push based on how many BB’s you have when acting first in a HU SNG situation.
  3. NASH_Push_Call – This is combination of both charts on the same popup

Remember, NASH charts assume you have no edge on your opponent.





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9 Responses to “New NASH Charts for HM2”

  1. shaddy says:

    how can i add them to a  stat as a popup?


  2. B-Money says:

    Last 20 seconds shows how to attach popups to stats.

  3. john says:

    Isn's this against Pokerstars Terms of Use? :/

  4. gamekiller says:

    What is the math proof of ROFL? Is it just best subjective strategy vs randome opp or objective best strategy? Another word, is it NASH equilibrium with limp and minraise options?

    If it is only subjective strategy then vs what opponents is it best for?

  5. gamekiller says:

    there is an error swaping J7o J6o in ROFL chart

  6. B-Money says:

    Since there is nothing automated telling you how to play, this is not against the sites terms of service.

    Both NASH and ROFL assume you have no edge on your opponent.

    Thanks for pointing out the J7o and J6o swap.  I'll try to fix that in a future build.

  7. ru says:

    there is no popup called NAH in my library


  8. B-Money says:

    Install this build and the NASH popups will install for you:

  9. John Smith says:

    so u should be shoving A2o with more than 20bb? this is exactly why people who use NASH are easy prey..they go on readless play

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