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This post has some thunder and I keep saying it, but there's still a ton of new innovative features in the works.  Today I'm here to announce the latest Holdem Manager App, SitNGo Wizard.  I've also got some cool reports to share with you before they creep into the official Holdem Manager builds.  I personally think these reports are pretty cool, but you can be the judge.

Download New Reports

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The new time reports let you break down your play hour by hour, day of week or by yearly quarters.  There's also a new EV report I made because I thought these EV stats were pretty neat.  Last week we were defining all the HM stats for the FAQ's and I looked at these EV stats a bit closer.  In the future I'll do a strategy post about using these street by street EV stats.

SNGWiz is a fairly big announcement and I have another HUGE tournament announcement but I can't disclose this information right now.  It's not a new Tourney App, it has to do with improving tournament support for core Holdem Manager customers.  This is potentially a 2 punch announcement when it's made.  I'm also trying to decode some Omaha Hi/Lo hand groupings for a new Hi/Lo Hand grouping report.  You can get one a user made on our forums here.

Thanks to the other Holdem Manager users who took the time to create some of the Time Reports I've included here.  I've modified them a bit, but they are essentially the same as the original so thanks for that.   I'm also working on a couple new HUD's.  A former Holdem Manager support rep made one that everyone seemed to like and I'm also going to include a Heads-Up Hud as well with VPIP broken down by position. 

Another thing I'm toying with is opening up pre-beta builds to the public.  If we do end up doing that we'll want a limited amount of people downloading these versions so they will probably be released here.  If you're interested in this sort of thing be sure to post about it, otherwise we'll keep new features internally until they are ready for public release.


GL at the tables!



Report Install Help:

  1. Download New Reports Here.  Download
  2. Close Holdem Manager
  3. Copy the 4 reports from the file we downloaded in step 1 to:
    • C:\Program Files\RVG Software\Holdem Manager\Reports
  4. Fire up Holdem Manager and you should see the new Reports in the Report Drop Down Menu.
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