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Nov 19, 2013 1 Comment

You might not think you can get reads from opponents by the way they click check, call or bet, but believe it or not, there are some very big tells to exploit here!

The two timing click tells I’m going to discuss deal with the flop and turn. 

Insta-check – Generally the player is very weak and has given up in the hand by clicking the check/fold option.   Bet here with any two cards or bet the next street if you are out of position.

Insta-call – Here the player is more than likely drawing or they are not very happy with their hand. 

These timing tells are not always 100% accurate, but if you’ve never heard about these timing tells, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how accurate they are.  Turn it around and look at times when you insta-check or insta-call…  What are you holding?

One way to prevent your opponents from getting this read is to vary the timing when you click check or call.  TableNinja II has a cool feature to help you out here.  It’s called show number of seconds since we needed to act.  You can find this feature on the Display Tab inside of TableNinja II.


Once this feature is enabled, there will be a timer on the table showing you how long it’s been since you needed to act.  (4s in the image below.) Use this to vary the timing of when you click call or check and remove all insta-check/calls out of your game.


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  1. Henry Minute says:

    Rather than vary the time I take, as suggested, I try to take exactly the same time regardless of the action I am taking.

    I like the idea of the on-screen timer, which would make this easier, although I currently use something on whichever client I am playing. It might be the time until a countdown starts, it might be the number of times the hole cards flash etc. If there is no obvious counter then I mentally count 5 secs (elephants) before acting regardless of whether I am calling, raising, checking or folding.

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