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Aug 09, 2011 3 Comments

The Poker Software community sampled HM2 and now we’d like to share a few of the new reports that will help analyze your game even deeper.  Roy recently added a new multi-table stat so you can analyze your game based on how many tables you are playing.  Here you can easily see how many tables you can play before your winrate starts to drop.  This might eventually make it to the Home Tab for a nifty widget.  For now you can add the stat to any report. 

We have quite a few Reports but we’ve added even more!  Tournament players can rejoice at the new Pre-Ante/Post-Ante report along with the new Stack Size report.  The new cash reports can also be used with tournaments.

Cash players get the addition of Races, C-Bet Success, Full Ring Position, Multi-Table and Expected Value By Stakes reports.  Remember, all the cash game reports also work for tournament players.

If you already have HM2 Poker Software installed you will need to completely re-install HM2 or just copy the new report files to your roaming folder.

Copy Report Files:

1.       Close HM2

2.       Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Holdem Manager 2\Reports

3.       Copy all report files here

4.       Go to C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\AppData\Roaming\HoldemManager\Reports

5.       Paste all files here

Reinstalling HM2 will also give you the new reports.  Once things settle down a bit we’ll get these added so you don’t have to move files around or re-install HM2 to use them. 

Multi-Table Report

This bad boy shows you how well you play depending on how many tables you have open.  I find this report extremely interesting for me.  4, 7 & 8 tables are my most profitable.  I added EV stats to this report and this shows that poker can be brutal at times.  Winning 10bb at 7 tables, but EV says I should be winning 19.1 bb's.  Sick!  My database is roughly 100 thousand hands so it's not tiny by any means.  But more hands the better here because EV should be zero if I play enough.

One thing to note about this report, we're currently having some issue with Rush because it's such a different game so if you played lots of Rush you might see 40+ tables for this report.  Should be fixed soon and it will definitely be bumped to the top of the bug priority list when Tilt comes back online.

CBet Success Report

Another amazingly interesting report.  FYI – I've just looked at these new reports today so I'm seeing them for the first time just like all of you.  I do find a couple things interesting in this report.  Background on my play first.  I don't CBet the flop as much as I should, but I pound the Turn and River with CBets.  It's my poker story, don't use it against me if you see me at the tables.  🙂 

The bottom circle shows 80% Cbet success with a K high monotone board.  I think monotone boards CBets get lots of respect in general, but look how low my CBet% is here.  This tells me right away I should be CBetting near 100% of these flops because my current success rate is so high. 

The other two circles show 0's for Flop Cbet success VS two villains.  This tells me I need to not be C-betting monotone boards when there are 2 or more players in the hand.


Looking at this quick analysis you can see how powerful HM2 Poker Software really is.  I strongly suggest you check out these new features and discuss in our forums.  The new analysis inside of HM2 is truly spectacular.


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3 Responses to “Poker Software Reports – HM2 Has You Covered”

  1. KayCee says:

    Is there any news on a upcoming official release? Will be within this year?

  2. B-Money says:

    Public release will happen before 2012, yes.  Probably in the next 4-6 weeks.

  3. Saulius says:

    will HM2 version be able to analyse MTTs and multitable SNGs? I mean at least to get the red and green curves.

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