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We're testing SitNGo Wizard as I type this both internally and a few of you are lucky enough to be beta testers for this.  SitNGo Wizard will launch in the next day or two.  Dennis is the creator of SitNGo Wizard and I've had the pleasure of working with him the last couple weeks on the integration. 

We got Dennis to create a video so you can see first hand at how you can use SitNGo Wizard to help your tournament play.  Best of all, SitNGo Wizard has a free 30 day trial.  This is a full featured trial and nothing is disabled.

Download SNGW

Watch SNGW Intro Video


I'm sure SitNGo Wizard is going to be a huge hit for the HM App store and I'm personally very excited we've added another AAA App to Holdem Manager.  Last blog post I hinted at a couple new HM announcements; still under wraps for now but we will release details once things are a little more final.  There is nothing worse than announcing something prematurely then have it kicked back.  For this reason I have to hold it back, but you can see I'm itching to announce this. 

Keep it here for all behind the scene Holdem Manager news.  




Here's a copy of the official press release.

SitNGo Wizard, for years the most popular software for SitNGo players, is the latest addition to the suite of “HM Apps”.  HM Apps is an essential collection of poker applications that are all fully integrated into Hold’em Manager.


You are invited to Update Hold’em Manager and try SitNGo Wizard risk free for 30 days.  If you have previously purchased SitNGo Wizard, there is no charge for activating this new HM App. 


SitNGo Wizard teaches near perfect late-game strategy, while allowing players to test themselves without making costly real-money mistakes.  SitNGo Wizard teaches the strategic keys to SitNGo tournament success, including how to make important push/fold decisions, and critical adjustments to the number of opponents, stack sizes, and opponent calling ranges.  Players learn essential late-game strategy and test their new skills with the SitNGo Wizard quiz function.  SitNGo Wizard helps beginners become winning players in the low limit SitNGo tournaments, while experienced players learn how to reveal and eliminate costly habits they may not realize they’re making. 


Players can also use the versatile SitNGo Wizard to analyze and improve their game in any type of no limit hold’em tournament, including big multi-table tournaments.

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3 Responses to “SitNGo Wizard HM App Launched”

  1. SNG Wiz fan says:

    Any update on when this integration of SitNGo Wiz might be released?

  2. B-Money says:

    Hi, just released a pre beta version a couple hours ago.  I updated the blog post and you can try HM SNGW here.

  3. SNG Wiz fan says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the link B-Money.
    Is there any way to mark some hands from a SNG or MTT you have imported into HEM and then quickly look at those hands via SNG Wiz tab now that the two are integrated?
    When I click the SitNGo Wizard tab in HEM v 1.10.05, I only get the following options:
    Analyze new game
    Take a hand range survey
    Start quiz
    Edit program options
    How can I review hands in SitNGo Wizard that been imported into HEM?

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