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Mar 24, 2010 2 Comments

Holdem Manager Launches Insta-Scan for Table Scanner. That's right, you got the news here first.  This year is going to be amazing for Holdem Manager so get in, buckle up, and hold on for one wild ride!!!

Press Release is below:



Add Insta-Scan to your Table Scanner now!


Holdem Manager announces Table Scanner Insta-Scan for all supported Table Scanner poker sites. 

Quickly sorting profitable tables and players just got faster with the release of Insta-Scan. Table Scanner’s Insta-Scan service allows instant retrieval and sorting of poker tables. This enables players to rapidly sort profitable tables from non-profitable tables with a single click of the mouse. 
Insta-Scan is roughly 7,250% faster than **Client-Side Scanning
Table Scanner Insta Scan
Table Scanner was released to critical acclaim and Insta-Scan is an extension of that. Server Side Insta-Scan is roughly 7,250% faster. We think you’ll agree that’s a huge jump in performance. 
Current Table Scanner customers will continue to enjoy **Client-Side Scanning and can upgrade to Insta-Scan for $9.99/month. New Table Scanner customers can also add Insta-Scan support for an additional $9.99/month.
Insta-Scan Scanning:
Table Scanner uses Holdem Manager Servers to retrieve player names and tables at lightning speed.
** Client-Side Scanning:
Table Scanner scrapes your poker client lobby to populate Table Scanner’s table and player lists.
** Client-Side License is required before an Insta-Scan License can be purchased.
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2 Responses to “Table Scanner Insta-Scan”

  1. john says:

    this is a low thing to do, you disabled a feature we paid for and instead introduce it as an upgrade and charge for it?
    I really hope you reconsider this as i am not the only one who thinks this is unfair practice.

  2. B-Money says:

    Insta-Scan was in Beta for over a year.  During this time it was free for all Table Scanner customers.  Instruction manual said it was in Beta and it will be a charged feature in the future.  FAQ system also pointed this out.  Insta-scan was never promoted as a standard Table Scanner feature. 

    Unfortunately there is overhead with server-side insta-scan and it's a matter of upping the initial price to compensate for this, or keep the initial price reasonable and charge for the feature.

    Table Scanner is still the best value for Table Scanning products on the market today.



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