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Fozzy is a Senior Tech Support Member that has been handling HM2 support for 4 years.  He used to be a graphics expert making new cards for poker skins, now he's fully committed to providing you with the best possible customer service that he can.

I met Fozzy face to face in Vegas a few years ago.  I drove from LA and he flew in.  We went to play poker at the MGM with other HM employees and I started drinking and wanted to enjoy the strip.  Without hesitation, I handed over my keys to my Tacoma and let Fozzy drive it back to the house.   Fozzy is one trustworthy guy and he's an absolute pleasure to work with day in and day out at Holdem Manager.


How long have you worked for Holdem Manager?

It will be 4 years in June.



What specific part of Holdem Manager do you work on?

I focus mostly on customer service answering forums and email questions, testing the software for each release, and administrative tasks such as creating/editing FAQs. 



Anything interesting about your past work experience?

I have done quite a few different jobs over the years before I began working for Holdem Manager.  I did some construction and roofing in my younger years, warehouse work, parts counter sales and customer service, and had my own small business for a couple of years doing upscale landscape lighting design and installation.



Have you done any poker side projects in the past?

I used to create custom graphics (table themes, decks, chips) for Full Tilt and PokerStars which is what led to my being hired by Holdem Manager.  I started out doing it for fun and  it eventually became a small business where I was creating installers and selling them.  When the developers were first creating HM1 they commissioned me to convert some of my Full Tilt graphics to work in the HM1 relayer and reports.  I then became very interested in the software and spent a lot of my time learning and using the software.  I learned the software so well that people on the forums would ask me to provide remote support to help them setup and fine tune HM.

When HM was looking to increase their support staff they asked me if I was interested in working for them and I gladly accepted.  When HM2 was in the early stages of development I was out of practice in the graphics design arena, and busy with support work, so I didn't work on the HM2 graphics but management was nice enough to keep my HM1 mucked cards for the HM2 mucked cards.  I have given permission for some of my old card designs to be included in other free poker software and recently sold some of my old card graphics to Winning Poker Network for use in their poker client as well.



What is your favorite variation of poker?

I have been playing micro stakes online poker for almost 10 years now.  I have spent time playing most variations of cash, SNG, and MTT Holdem and Omaha over that time.  Half-Pot Limit Badugi is my favorite game but unfortunately there are no sites that still spread it as far as I know.  Lately I have been playing PLO8 DoNs on Lock Poker and it has been a lot of fun.



How often do you play poker every week?

I don't play nearly as many hands/hours as I used to now that I spend so much time helping our customers.  I have been playing a bit more this year since I got interested in PLO8 again but that is usually just 5 or 10 games a day when I have some free time.



Can you share anything that might help someone get hired for their dream job?  (Poker or not)

Try to find something that you enjoy doing and learn as much about it as you can.  If you enjoy what you do it won't really feel like a job when you do it every day.

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