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Sarek might be Russian and not speak fluent English, but he’s a tremendous asset to the HM2 poker software Tech Support team and we’re privileged to have him.  His internal email replies can be absolutely hilarious at times quoting leaders of the world, or politically incorrect comparisons that get completely lost in translation.

While he works extremely hard, he also brings some unplanned humor in his communications with us.  For this reason, I didn’t edit his questionnaire and we can see some of his Russian humor here. 

Without further ado, let’s learn who Sarek is and how he got here.    


How long have you worked for Holdem Manager?

I have been with Holdem Manager for more than two years now.


What specific part of Holdem Manager do you work on?

I am a Tech support team member – replying emails, forum posts (especially in RU section), testing, teamviewer sessions, finding workarounds when “sometimes… something…” do not works as expected in HM 🙂 So far many things \ tricks I have found are in our FAQs now. Also Postgres and Windows itself are not the last in my skills list.


Anything interesting about your past work experience?

My past work experience is different: I was an engineer (electronic hardware development), programmer, then chief of the group of programmers, then system administrator in different companies (including mass-media), etc, etc. I even remember times when Windows did not existed at all.


Have you done any poker side projects in the past?

No, my relations with poker before Holdem Manager were simple – I just played. But previous experience in programming \ engineering helped me to better understand HM as a program product when I encountered it.


What is your favorite variation of poker?

I prefer Holdem SNGs (9 and 18 max) and DONs. Sometimes I play MTTs, but this is time consuming adventure. Do not like cash games. And do not like short tables.


How often do you play poker every week?

After I joined Holdem Manager, I mostly play for testing purposes only. Opened a table, played some hands – ok, works – closed. But when need to test something tourney related… If I entered in tourney – will fight till the end. Game is not over till it is not over 😉


Can you share anything that might help someone get hired for their dream job?  (Poker or not)

First what need to be done when you are discovering new things and features – is reading documentation. But keep in mind: the most interesting things there usually are written with smaller font size and in footnotes. Usually people do not like to read these details – if you will do, will be much more informed then all others. Do not stop your curiosity and try to be logical – this is required not only on Vulcan.

Brent – I think Vlad didn’t quite understand this last question so I’ll quote Rob Dyrdek.  “If you have a dream, you have to go do it to see if you suck.

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