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Welcome Tournament Players!

We have forum discussions daily about EV, Tournament Support, New Stats, New Features, etc.

This post is geared for Tournament players and the features they would like to see.  Instead of forum posts scattered here there and everywhere about Tournament ideas, this is your one stop shop to let your voice be heard.  I personally Manage feature requests & bug tickets and I want to share some love with the tournament players now.  Things can easily get lost on the forum so if you have a tournament idea, this is the place for that.

We do have plans to add more HUD filters for stack size and a few other HUD filters so that’s already a done deal.  What I’m looking for is some discussion on what tournament features people want to see.

Keep in mind we have to balance bang for buck on some of these features so that will limit what we can do, but please share your thoughts on what tournament features you would like to see.  If it’s cool and simple to add, it will be queued up for development work.

Use the following thread on the forums for all your comments.  Comments here only display 1 line of text so unfortunately the forum software works better.

Tourney Idea Forum Post



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