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Jan 21, 2014 8 Comments

HM2’s new hand viewer delivers a clean look making it easier to read hands when playing at the tables.  It’s more compact like the HM1 hand viewer but delivers a ton of new features. 

  • Mouse over player names to see stats
  • Mouse over winning/losing amount to see a detailed breakdown of rake and money put into the pot along with final amount won.
  • Folds are collapsed when multiple players fold in a row
  • Streets are clearly marked
  • Pot size is detailed all the way through the hand
  • Raise, call, check and folds are clearly displayed with new colored icons
  • Showdowns clearly show who won and lost along with the winning hand
  • Final hands stand out from the board because irrelevant cards are dimmed
  • Equity by street is displayed in the showdown section


We’re always looking to make Holdem Manager a better experience for all of our users and this version of the new hand viewer is currently a work in progress.  If you have any comments or suggestions on the new hand viewer, don’t hesitate to post it in the comments below.

If you have other suggestions for HM2, don’t hesitate to post in the feature requests and feedback section of our forums.

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8 Responses to “Updated HM2 Hand Viewer”

  1. Pokeratu says:

    Looks very good! 

  2. KoenP says:

    Looks very good. But I miss the information on probabilities 

  3. B-Money says:


    Bottom right of the hand viewer in the showdown sections shows probabilities.  See the P F T numbers?

    P – Preflop

    F – Flop

    T – Turn

  4. tomás says:

    hi! i cant associate my pokerstars account with the HM 2. what can i do? when i click select player, my name doesn't appear…

  5. B-Money says:


    If you continue to have problems, email and they will get you taken care of.

  6. dissection says:

    Worst change ever. Even worse than the previous one.

  7. DOOval says:

    anyone know how i can view an individual tournament in the replayer? what happens is, if i play two tournaments at once, the replayer will combine hands from both tournamnets. so when reviewing, im actually looking at both tournys at once. i want to be able to view one tourny at a time. how do i do that? replayer only has tournaments by the day, not the individual tournament.



  8. B-Money says:

    DOOval – The report called "Tournaments" list out tournaments 1 by 1.  Here you can review play of a single tournament in the replayer.

    Good Luck!

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