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We're all back from Vegas, it was a crazy time with everyone.  As most of you know the majority of the support guys/gals are based all across the globe so it was truly an international event. 

Team Holdem Manager International Poker Tournament Results:

Results were rather fitting I thought.  We started 9-10 handed and I was praying for a shove fest because I didn't want to sit around for 3 hours playing a $20 home game tournament.  Blinds started tiny, but they did go up fast.  First place got $120 and second $60.  After about an hour it was Heads Up with myself and Mr SitNGo Wizard himself.  Final hand we were all-in preflop.  The Wizard held K7 and myself A6,  7 hits the flop and my A6 never improved.  Sucks to lose like that but I sucked out to get to HU so I can't complain.

1st – Dennis (AKA SitNGo Wizard)

2nd – Brent (AKA B-Money) 

In my pre Vegas blog post I mentioned one of the Vegas virgins would gamble into the night getting completely wasted.  Sadly, I was the one who ended up gambling all night getting wasted.  Played at Bellagio till 10am and had a company meeting at 11am.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.   One thing that happened at Bellagio was absolutely hilarious though.  Mike, who I shared a room with back at the house, got beat boat over boat.  He comes over to my table with a thick drunk English accent.  "Brent, Brent, Brent, you won't believe it.  Boat over Boat, I got beat boat over boat.  Brent, Boat over Boat."  I was like….  Mike, "STFU, the whole poker room can hear you."  I think this happened about 4-5am.   Other than that I don't remember much.  I lost about $150 the whole night.  I was up $80 at MGM playing 1-2, but down about $200 at Bellagio.  When I asked Mike about the boat over  boat the next day he said he didn't remember it.  LOL 

Good Times…


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