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Aug 27, 2010 3 Comments

Winamax Now Supported


Friday August 27, 2010

Committed to providing the tools necessary to increase win-rates, Holdem Manager launches support for the Winamax poker room.

This brings the total number of poker sites supported to over 25, more than any other product on the market today.

Currently Winamax is in beta and you can download the latest 1.11.05 Beta release here.

As always I promise a little something extra for you that read the blog.  I spoke about the PT Import tool and I'm going to try and get it released here in the forums soon.  Check the release section of the forums and it should be there next week.  Please let us know what you think of the tool so we can make it better.  This tool may remain in "beta" form for a while because it's extremely difficult to make sure it's working 100% with all the different PT and HM configurations out there.  Big can of worms basically.  🙂  It should be pretty cool for those of you that recently moved from PT or have old PT databases you want to easily move over to Holdem Manager.

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3 Responses to “Winamax Now Supported”

  1. tieg says:

    i m actually a winamax player and; as i acquired hem shortly before the new french law,  i first want to thank hem team to work on french sites adaptation.
    i tried the beta, unfortunately,
    my hud doesn t work. Has the software to be setup in english or in french (as winamax is only french now)
    i got the reports for the hands i played before installing the update but no later hand  is added to the database…
    can u help me 

  2. hatch says:

    HUD is working with the 1.11.05 beta but statistics are 0. I just can see the number of BB, number of hands, VPIP, and % of bet flop turn and river. all the others stats stay 0.

  3. phil baker says:

    To all the winamax players who came to Dublin. (my post on an Irish poker website)
    The Winamax open in dublin is one of the most enjoyable I have ever played. The organisers do a wonderful job in bringing what is basically a French tournament to Ireland. You are involved in constant decisions and action…loved it!.
    And as for the French………could there be a nicer bunch of people at a poker table? Gracious in every shape and form. I had seen some horrible beats given out to people and the recipient stands up, goes over to the provider, shakes their hand and wishes them good luck! A lesson for us ALL (especially me). They are also a bit of craic and like to have fun at the table. They even put up with me coming out with the only 4 sentances I have in French….all weekend!
    And, as usual, JP, Toby,new boy Nick and all the team were different class in running the event like clockwork.
    A game everybody should play!  regards, Phil Baker

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